Ride LKN is proud to offer the highest quality fleet of vessels on Lake Norman and beyond. As a MasterCraft Experience Center, we are outfitted with brand new top-tier MasterCraft Boats every season. These boats are the ultimate in luxury, comfort and performance and will truly make your experience “the ultimate day on the lake.”

For 2023, our fleet consists of the 2023 MasterCraft X24, 2023 MasterCraft X Star S and the 2023 MasterCraft XT23. These boats create the best wakes and waves in the world with maximum adjustability for beginners to pros alike. Our boats are optioned to include bluetooth connectivity, premium Klipsch sound systems, wireless phone chargers, heated seats, heater, premium cool-touch vinyl seats, onboard cooler, up to 4,500 lbs of stock ballast and the new Surf Star Surf System.

2023 MasterCraft X24

At 24 ft the MasterCraft X24 is a crowd favorite due to its size and the plush reclining seats built into the transom. With 4,300 pounds of stock ballast, the X24 throws a massive wake and wave that will keep you craving more all day long! 

When it’s time for a break, this boat is the ultimate party cove boat with custom seating layouts that will take your chill to new heights. You have access to everything on the boat including the bluetooth Klipsch audio system, onboard cooler and wireless phone chargers in the cock pit.

The 2023 MasterCraft XStar S is legendary for defining the industry combining luxury and performance. With 4,500lbs of stock ballast wakes and waves behind this boat are thigh high all day!

While you’re waiting your turn to ride, there’s plenty to enjoy.  The XStar S features ample room for lounging and the fan-favorite chase lounge seats with headrests and footrests built into the transom. Enjoy premium amenities such as the booming Klipsch bluetooth audio system, wireless phone chargers and built in cooler to take your day on the water to the next level.

2023 MasterCraft XStar S

2023 MasterCraft XT23

Summer, amplified! Thanks to a unique hull design, the MasterCraft XT23 sets the standard for wake making and shaping ability. The XT23 is a crew favorite to ride behind with a wave that simply can’t be matched.

Like all of our MasterCraft models this boat is a head turner and is loaded with options.

Hop on board to enjoy a surf, lounge in comfort, set the vibe on the Klipsch sound system and enjoy your most memorable lake day yet.